Sunday, September 14, 2008

OMG! Halloween Envelops & Cards!!!!

Yesterday Meg and I gathered at her place and made stuff. I had a bunch of the new double sided Halloween paper from Stampin Up and my Halloween stamps and we had a mission of making at least 3 cards each ....with envelops.

I had it in my head that I was for sure making envelops.....Meg said she would too but admitted that she hates making them. Hmmm, I just couldn't believe that.....they are soooooooo easy and they turn out sooooooooo FUN with that double sided paper. So, to begin, Meg made a card and I created an envelop template for us both...Need I say that once Meg saw my first wickedly cool envelop she was bitten!!! She now loves making them too.

Along with the envelop making, I had to come up with my two card designs that I will be offering at my Bead & Stamping Bash on Sept. 27th. I'll show you one since my photo of the second one (which I made first) didn't come out so well.
The little ding bat spins too....Later this week I'll be making my treat bags that will be up for display at my event. I'm going to show these as kits that you can purchase. They are frightfully fun.....I think I will call on Miss Meg for bag making later this week.

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Meghan Norsen said...

Yes...I love making the envelopes now...they are to easy to not love. I can't wait for your party on the 27th is going to be a blast!!