Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Card Club

After work yesterday Meg came by and we made some cards. What a great way to end the "workday" and unwind. Yeap. We made Christmas cards and Fall cards. It really is THAT time to start thinking about the holidays!

I made a card after Meg left that I'll be sending her way today...can't show you that one.

My dining room table is a disaster but we had a great time :) I'm heading over to Meg's on Saturday to make Halloween cards & more Christmas ones too. Can't wait, My Halloween stamps arrive on Thursday and I will be looking forward to getting them all day long. I'm like a kid at Christmas about Halloween.

I'm having my first card making and open house on Saturday, September 27th. I'll be showing my Halloween beads & jewelry plus you can sit and make some Halloween cards!!


Mits said...

This is very good creation of handmade card.


Meghan Norsen said...

I can't wait! I never remember you taken a picture of me...way to sneak one in...don't worry..I'll get you next time your over:-)